Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Washed and Waiting

A former classmate of mine, Wesley Hill, has written a book titled, Washed and Waiting.

Another former classmate of mine, Nick Nowalk, reviewed Wesley’s book on its Amazon page.
Washed and Waiting takes its title and cue from two biblical passages. I Corinthians 6:9-11 refers to the “washed” spiritual status of Christians, while Romans 8:23-25 reminds us that we are “waiting” and groaning for the future consummation of our redemption. This is the famous “already/not yet” schema (as dry academics like to put it) that pervades the New Testament, and Wesley rightly sees that it is essential to narrating one's own life well as a Christian. If only one side or the other of the contrast is taken up and accepted, either insanity or moral compromise will result. Within these two distinctly Christian images, Wesley has slowly learned to recognize the presence of Christ in his life through--not in spite of--his faltering yet faithful struggles with homosexuality.
Justin Taylor also wrote about the book here.

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