Friday, June 10, 2011

First Half Marathon

Speaking of running, Wendy successfully completed her first half marathon on Sunday. She ran it with her running buddy Cara. For those of you on Facebook, you know this already. I am so proud of my bride. She ran it in 2:13:27.

1,000 Miles and Counting

Wendy and I ran a casual 4 mile run this morning. Casual until the last half-mile when we ran up a hill we strive normally to avoid. Amazingly, we ran up with little extra effort. Two years ago, I would have stopped after 100 feet and puked. God is kind to give us bodies that can strengthen with effort.

Speaking of effort, while Wendy started running in April 2009, I didn’t start until September 14, 2009. With this morning’s run, my personal odometer crossed the 1,000 mile threshold. That sounds pretty cool, until I realize that I ran 1,000 miles in 22 months. That averages out to only 45.5 miles per month.

My goal for the calendar year 2011 is 750 miles. I am stating this publicly because it is a tough goal. In order to reach it, I need to run an average of 74 miles per month for the rest of 2011.

Pray for me.