Thursday, December 23, 2010

40th Birthday Menu

Someone recently learned that I celebrated my 40th birthday in 2010 and asked if we had a big shindig. Yes, we did. Because I don’t like birthdays, nor do I like—for some irrational reason—having others celebrate my birthday, I thought it wisest to take things into my own hands and plan and orchestrate my own 40th birthday party.

It is not necessary to share a lot of details; however, because of my joy of grilling, I thought I would share the menu. I borrowed a buddy’s Weber, and used his and mine at the same time to cook all the main dishes. I spent the day before preparing and cooking dessert, and spent the big day grilling (oh, and I ran a half marathon in the morning). It was a blast and kept me busy enough not to think about the shindig being anything other than a get together of friends.

Of course, Wendy was my lovely assistant and was just as important to the cooking process as anyone else. I am a blessed man, indeed.

Wendy's homemade bruschetta
Barbecued teriyaki chicken wings
Mission tortilla strips with homemade fresh tomato salsa

Main Course
Barbecue hot dogs
Barbecue Hamburgers (with rub)
Barbecue Pizza (Homemade crust with Asiago, Parmesan, and Mozzarella cheeses)
2~Meat (pepperoni, canadian bacon, sausage)
2~Barbecue chicken and red onions
Barbecue Baja Burritos

Jello Oreo Dessert ($3.29)
Betty Crocker Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting ($2.85)
Jason's Homemade Silky Smooth Cheesecake with Fresh Peaches and Raspberries (Priceless)

Sweet Tea
Beer (international hand-picked choices from a connoisseur)

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