Friday, July 01, 2011

Things I am thankful for...

the mischievous grin of my 13-year old son … a sudden hug from my 10-year old daughter … Burgerville cheeseburgers with extra spread … a hot shower at the end of a cold day … a steaming mug of freshly ground Sumatra … worship led by Dan Holst with all of Bethlehem singing exultantly … the warmth of my wife’s hand in mine … Kayleigh’s happy declaration of the number of books read this year … the sizzle of perfectly seasoned ground chuck on a charcoal grill … a sharp intellectual argument from my oldest daughter … a long conversation about literature with a close friend … the “But God” in Ephesians 2:4 … praying before every meeting … the silence of a fresh snow … twenty-one years of marriage to my best friend … the solidity of the safety net of God’s sovereignty … hearing my children pray with intensity and emotion … the generosity of strangers …


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for you, Love!

Claudia said...

I am thankful for you, your lovely wife an awesome children!!

I am thankful for the time we got to spend together.

Getting to know my grandchildren better.

Having all six of my grandchildren together for a sleep over at Grammy's. First time!!

Having the 4th of July with all the families.

Being together for Cloey's and Kayleigh's birthday party.

I love you all and miss you all.

Love and hugs,