Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Page CXVI—Hymns II Album

A year or so ago, an Indy Christian band called Page CXVI put out an album of hymns that had been filtered through their musical style. The issue of hymns in the church can be a strained one, but I find myself loving these hymns with words that are theologically sound and a music style that appeals to where I am at. Very selfish, I know.

The first Hymns album fit that bill nicely. Even my kids (9–14) enjoy the album, so much so that one of my daughters wants the Page CXVI version of Nothing But The Blood played at her funeral. Morbid, yes, but not unworthy of thanksgiving.

For one week only, starting today, you can download the first Hymns album for free. Visit here.

The new album contains the following songs:

1. How Great Thou Art

2. Praise To The Lord

3. Jesus I Am Resting, Resting

4. Rock Of Ages

5. Abide With Me

6. Battle Hymn Of The Republic

7. Doxology

You can order/download the new album here.

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