Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Dawkins Confusion

Naturalism ad absurdum. Read a rebuttal of Dawkins by Alvin Plantinga.

The God Delusion is an extended diatribe against religion in general and belief in God in particular; Dawkins and Daniel Dennett (whose recent Breaking the Spell is his contribution to this genre) are the touchdown twins of current academic atheism. Dawkins has written his book, he says, partly to encourage timorous atheists to come out of the closet. He and Dennett both appear to think it requires considerable courage to attack religion these days; says Dennett, "I risk a fist to the face or worse. Yet I persist." Apparently atheism has its own heroes of the faith—at any rate its own self-styled heroes. Here it's not easy to take them seriously; religion-bashing in the current Western academy is about as dangerous as endorsing the party's candidate at a Republican rally.

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Anonymous said...

We are each endowed with three IQ's, the intelectual, emotional, and spiritual. It is obvious these guys are at the bottom edge of the spiritual IQ's bell shaped curve. Probably below the one percental range, but have a fairly high intelectual IQ. This combination generally produces imbecility, and when proded on by intelectual succes and pride it fosters elitiest imbeciles. They seem to fit the catagory quite well.